Portable Mini FM Radio with Speaker

Portable Mini FM Radio with Speaker

There are a lot of electronic devices that are very popular nowadays, this is because of the fast development of the technologies in the whole world especially among the young people, one of the most important topics among they are the devices that are related to the sounds or more specifically with the music, this is commonly related with phones and other objects like IPhones and MP3/4s, but in Latiendadejm we offer something better and that is our  Hot Sale Fashion Aluminum Portable Mini FM Radio With Speaker LED Digital Micro USB/SD/TF Card, Support PC/MP3/4/Mobile/Tablets.

This is a product that provides a lot of advantage to everyone who desires to spend a nice time listening music or other kind of issues, because our Portable FM Radio with Speaker is better than other devices that provide music to the owners, because it is made of high-quality materials and its very proper size and weight provide everyone the opportunity of carrying it to every place, besides it provides an image of style to everyone who has one of these.

The product that we offer in Latiendadejm is basically a radio therefore, it is possible to listen to the stations of the local radio, of course, is necessary to have a good signal to catch all the possible station but there is no need to worry because the Portable Mini FM Radio with Speaker has within an antenna that is retractable so you can catch the signal on the most proper way. Other of the uses that provide our product is the possibility of connecting with other devices like computers, phones, video games and MP3/4s this is the aux input that is included in the product. Our Portable Radio has a lithium battery within therefore it takes a long time before it runs out of power and this can be charged by the use of the USB cable included as part of the product.

As it is common for this kind of device, it has a floor attached that avoid it to slip in some substances and grounds, this is to avoid the portable radio to fall and damage as a consequence of the strike and the Portable Radio has a spot to insert a Micro SD that must not exceed the 16 GB, and has a plug that is specifically for the use of headphones.

The Portable Radio that we offer in Latiendadejm is included with two cables the charging cable and the Audio Plug to connect with other devices. Our product has 5 buttons to increase and low the volume and to change the music, on the front of the device has a digital screen that shows the current music, the mode or the station. You do not have to worry because the Portable Radio sounds loud so you will not regret about buying it, is available in next colors: Red, Rose, Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Silver.

Remember that we guarantee that our products will reach their destination on the proper way and if this is not as you like well refund your money.

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Portable Mini FM Radio with Speaker

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