Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung galaxy S6

In Latiendadejm we intend to provide the best possible products and the best offers on a fast way, and not in a single but in every topic possible, clothes, accessories, automotive parts, however one of the best products that we offer is located in the phones and telecommunications topic and is part of one of the most important companies in the whole world, and is very known by the people and that is the Original Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925F G920F Mobile Phone Octa Core 3GB RAM 32GB ROM LTE 16MP 5.1″inch Android 5.0 Smart.

This electronic device is a phone and its brand is one of the best in the world, better known as Samsung galaxy S6 to make shorter its original name, is one of the best products that we offer in Latiendadejm in the phone and telecommunications topic. This phone nowadays is one of the most develops in the whole world, with several technological advances that provide a lot of benefits to the people.

The Samsung galaxy S6 is a small phone that is very compact with a size of 5.1 inches, can be kept in almost every location like pants or bags, besides is very thin (6.8 mm) and has a very light weight (138 mg). This particular phone is a smart phone therefore it has access to the internet by the use of the WI-fi and its processor allow the use of this in a fast way, besides it counts with a 3GB RAM memory that allows the saving of information and 36 GB another type of information, even more than in the previous version of the Samsung galaxies.

The Samsung galaxy S6 counts with one of the best cameras available in the phones, with a resolution that reaches the 16 MP in the regular camera and 5 MP on the front camera, beside you can access to the camera mode in a fast way and it adapts to the light of the environment in comparison with the previous versions. One of the advantages that provide this phone is its fast loading, in just two hours the phone would be completely charged and additionally can be charged by the wireless system within the phone. The phone count with one of the best screens, this provides the people a fantastic experience with a high resolution and adjustable light that is very useful ate the time of seeing a movie or playing a video game.

Another of the advantages that offer this fantastic Samsung device is its security, this phone counts with a strong security system that is focused on the use of the fingerprints, by the approval of the fingerprint is one of the methods at the moment of accessing to the phone, but also accept some of the previous SG security methods.
In Latiendadejm we have available all the colors these are black, gold, white and blue so if you desire this product, do not hesitate and contact us we guarantee that you will not regret it and this will arrive in the best shape and if it does not we’ll refund your money.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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